Kids missing the football? Time to write their own!

We’re thrilled and proud to launch our Roy of the Rovers Writing Kit, the writing activity book for football-loving families created by the one and only award-winning author Tom Palmer (with a little help from Roy and Rocky of course!).

From designing the players, and drawing the stadium, to learning how to write football action sequences, this packed guide has everything a football-mad child will love, and it’s perfect for those reluctant readers and writers to have a go at to get their brains buzzing!

We’ll be adding a new chapter each week over the next two months! And don’t worry, they’ll be completely free for you to download and print off – the more fun you can have the better! Download now from the list below:

CHAPTER 1: Create Your Own Football Team

CHAPTER 2: Design Your Own Football Club!

CHAPTER 3: Ups and Downs!

CHAPTER 4: Make Your Characters Argue!

CHAPTER 5: Dialogue!

CHAPTER 6: Starting your story!

CHAPTER 7: Keeping the reader's interest!

CHAPTER 8: How to be Fit to Write!


Not read any Roy of the Rovers yet? Fear not, after a busy month and over 20,000 downloads, we’ve decided to extend the free giveaway of our first two books Scouted and Kick-Off until the end of May to help get you started! We’ve also dropped all books in Season 1 by 25%, in case you fancy completing the set!

We hope you have a lot of fun with these guides, and please do come and share what you’ve been getting up to over on our Twitter and Facebook pages, we’d love to see and share everything!