The story so far…

Roy of the Rovers returns soon with his second thrilling season playing for Melchester Rovers! But what happened in the first dramatic season? Allow us to jog your memory...

Roy Race is a totally normal sixteen-year old; he studies at college, fights with his little sister – and plays centre forward for Melchester Rovers.

Ok, so he’s not that normal.

And while it might sound like Roy’s got the perfect life, he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s had to overcome injuries, social media scandals, the perils of fame and the pressure of performing as one of the best young footballers in the country. Plus, things aren’t exactly easy at home. 

Roy cares for his disabled father, helps his over-worked mother out as much as he can, and coaches his little sister Rocky as she attempts to start a football career of her own. Of course, all of this would be a lot easier if Melchester Rovers were the biggest club in the country.

But they’re not.

Although they scraped promotion to League One last season, Melchester Rovers are still owned by money-grabbing businessman Barry Cleaver, who refuses to invest in the club. Now that Rovers are on the up, Cleaver is looking for opportunities to make money quickly, and his squad full of talented young players – including Roy – could be just the ticket.

For now, all Roy has to do is train hard in pre-season, and focus on his quest to return Melchester Rovers to footballing glory.

Sounds easy, right?


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