On September 11 1954, Roy of the Rovers made its debut appearance on the cover of Tiger, a brand new sports comic, and history was made.

65 years later, we’re still talking about Roy Race, still reliving the goals, the glory, the drama and the haircuts. It’s been a wild, unforgettable ride – and it’s far from over yet!

And as you’d expect, we’re celebrating Racey’s big day in style. First and foremost, our 65th Anniversary Special is out today – you can grab it in either magazine or super-swish hardback edition.

Our recent collections, Best of the 1950s and Best of the 1960s are also both out now and available in the Roy of the Rovers shop, and will give you a window into Roy’s glorious golden era!

And finally, don’t forget that if you’re in Manchester, our Roy of the Rovers exhibition is still running at the National Football Museum!

Happy birthday Racey – here’s to 65 more glorious years!